The organization has communicated with many international organizations dealing with
human rights and genocide in order to convey what was documented to the relevant
national and international bodies, including In Defense of Christians (IDC), Organization
for the Defense of European Religions (ADF International), the Knights of Columbus,
the Genocide Monitoring Center in Washington DC, International Association of
Genocide Scholars, the International Association of Lawyers, and other local
organizations and related parties.

Shlomo Organization for Documentation has also held several conferences in Erbil,
Geneva and Brussels and several activities and workshops to promote the concept of
genocide and human rights, such as the workshop that was held in collaboration with the World Association of Gynecologists, the Genocide Monitoring Center in Washington
DC, the International Association of Lawyers in Belgium and the University of
Philadelphia on 13-14 January 2017 at the Catholic University in Ankawa, Erbil.

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