VOA Armenian Service Interviews IDC Executive Director Philippe Nassif on the 1 Year Anniversary for the U.S. Recognition of ISIS Genocide. English Article here: http://www.voanews.com/a/advocacy-coaltion-legislators-call-on-trump-to-act-on-islamic-state-genocide/3771615.html

“All of these Yazidis, all of these Christians, all of these Armenian people that are fleeing genocide should be given priority entry in the United States,” said Philippe Nassif, executive director of In Defense of Christians (IDC), a Washington-based nonprofit group. “Not because we favor them more,” he said, “but because they are at risk of being wiped out completely.” Nassif, his supporters and members of a broader anti-genocide coalition issued their call in person, descending on the U.S. Capitol to mark the first anniversary of the United States’ official recognition of acts of genocide by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

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