Thomas G. Abraham

Thomas G. Abraham is a nationally recognized business entrepreneur and civic leader. He is the son of the late Genevieve and Anthony R. Abraham who was the last living member of the founding members of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, founded by Danny Thomas.

Anthony R. Abraham and his late wife Genevieve devoted their lives to helping others through the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation founded in 1976. Thomas G. Abraham currently serves as Chairman and has made numerous trips to Lebanon in support of the foundation’s work in the past decades. The foundation has provided millions to numerous worthy causes, for over 30 years in Lebanon. Among those organizations in Lebanon are The Genevieve Abraham School of Nursing, The Lebanese Hospital-Geitawi, The School for the Blind and Deaf, The Spastic Center, and The Crèche St. Vincent de Paul, Lebanese American University, The Lebanese Order of the Night s of Malta, Beirut Marathon, The Rene Moawad Foundation, Little Sisters of Nazareth, Catholic Near East Welfare Association, and many others.

Mr. Abraham was born in Beirut, Lebanon on January 6, 1952, and is a life-long resident of the Miami area. He attended the University of Miami, and University of Denver in the 1970’s prior to embarking upon his career in the automotive industry and was instrumental in the creation of a number of startup’s that dealt with the technology industry. He is committed to continuing to search out those endeavors that will help empower those in need.