(Washington, D.C.) On March 10, 2016, IDC President Toufic Baaklini made the following statement:

“This morning In Defense of Christians and the Knights of Columbus will release the most extensive report to date on the genocide that ISIS is waging against Christians.

“The nearly 300-page report was compiled with evidence from a recent fact finding mission to Iraq and documents the murder; bodily and mental injury; physical destruction; and displacement that Christians have suffered at the hands of ISIS. The report makes it undeniably clear that they are victims of genocide, targeted specifically because of their faith.

“The report has unearthed many stories that the world has not heard. Like the story of Christian women who have been forced into sexual slavery and listed on ISIS slave menus that put a price on “Christian or Yazidi” women by age. Stories of women like Claudia, who was captured and raped several times after ISIS militants spotted her tattoo of a cross. Or like Khalia who fought ISIS militants off as they tried to rape captive girls and take a nine year old as a bride.

“What is publicly known, and what our investigation uncovered is substantial, but it has become clear that this still represents only the tip of the iceberg. We are being sent new stories and evidence daily. So what is known about ISIS’ genocidal atrocities will only increase.

“The report is the result of a request from the State Department for specific evidence related to the crimes committed by ISIS against Christians. Therefore it focuses specifically on the situation confronting Christians in areas that are or have been under ISIS control, primarily in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

“A genocide designation by the United States cannot wait any longer. The atrocities that commenced nearly two years ago have been broadcast to the world, and the United States still stands silent as the international community and the American people continue to raise their voice. To date nearly 65,000 Americans including a number of high-profile public figures have signed the Stop the Christian Genocide petition launched by IDC and the Knights of Columbus.

“The European Parliament and the Iraqi and Kurdish governments have labeled ISIS’ actions genocide. Political leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights have done likewise. Congress has done the same. The House Foreign Affairs Committee just last week passed House concurrent resolution 75 condemning the genocide, the measure has bi- partisan support from 200 Members of the House.

“It is time for the United States join the rest of the world by naming the genocide and by taking action against it as required by law.”

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