Washington, DC, May 23,  — IDC condemns the attack carried out Monday at a concert in Manchester in the U.K., which targeted children and claimed twenty-two lives.

“These attacks, too frequent across the Middle East for years, are now becoming common in the West.  Unfortunately, they are likely to intensify in the months and years ahead.”

“IDC calls upon the Trump administration and America’s allies to aggressively pursue not only those responsible for the spreading the ideology that affirms violent extremism and terrorism but also those who fund it.”

“Whether their targets are in the West or the Middle East, churches or night clubs, religious or secular figures, adults or children, there is a pattern of cowardice in ISIS’s attacks.  These are, after all, people who take women and children for sex slaves.  The entire global network, including supporters, must be rooted out.”, says IDC’s executive Director Philippe Nassif.

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