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Advocating for the protection and preservation of Christians and Christianity in the Middle East, where it all began.

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Hezbollah is a threat to Christians in Lebanon, Tell Congress to Act!

Lebanon is a country built on religious pluralism, but for the last several decades, the Christian identity has been under pressure. Today, they are being driven out of the country. Hezbollah, the Iran-backed terrorist organization, has been leading the country into a deep financial crisis, and Christians in Lebanon need our help or they will be the latest Christian community to go extinct.

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IDC November Newsletter 2022


IDC Applauds the Inaugural Conference of the Christian Front in Lebanon

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IDC September and October Newsletter 2022


IDC Applauds the Maritime Border Agreement Concluded between Israel and Lebanon

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IDC Leads Letter to Secretary Blinken Urging Designation of Nigeria as CPC and Appointment of Special Envoy

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