WASHINGTON, DC – IDC condemns the vicious terrorist attacks in southern Syria’s Suweida province today that killed over 220 people. Syria has witnessed years of horrific bloodshed, and the latest episode of coordinated bombings and shootings that led to such a massacre in Suweida, a region home to Syria’s Druze minority religion along with Christians and Sunni Muslim refugees, bares the hallmark of ISIS.

While the Syrian regime continues to attack previously arranged de-escalation zones in southern Syria, ISIS has been able to regain lost territory and launch attacks. IDC calls on the international community to radically alter its approach to the Syrian peace process, and calls on the United States to push for a political solution that ensures Iranian-backed militias and terrorist organizations are removed from Syria, refugees are allowed to return from neighboring countries, an inclusive national government is formed and the rights of religious minorities such as Druze and Christians are respected.

The current status quo of terrorism, state repression, and foreign intervention by Russia, Iran and Turkey knows no bounds and is emptying the country of its people, and particularly of religious minorities.

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