IDC condemns the cyber-attack that took place this morning perpetrated by someone acting for or on behalf of the Turkish government against IDC’s website and staff accounts. We find this behavior unacceptable and that it only further demonstrates Turkey’s intolerance of freedom of speech and dissidence.
Yesterday, on May 16, IDC partnered with Senators Chris Coons and Thom Tillis, along with Amnesty International and Freedom House to host a briefing on the crisis of human rights and religious freedom in Turkey. The briefing specifically examined how President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his “Neo-Ottoman” allies currently governing Turkey continue to deny centuries’ old genocide, freedom of speech, and jail American citizens such as Pastor Brunson and other political dissidents, all while oppressing religious minorities.
IDC condemns this petty cyber-attack coming from a U.S. ally and NATO member.  Unfortunately, this behavior reflects a pattern for the Turkish government as evidenced by the silencing of political dissidents inside Turkey and the illegal attacks on American citizens last year who were demonstrating against Erdogan in Washington, D.C.
IDC calls on the Trump Administration to hold Turkey accountable for the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians, 750.000 Assyrians, 500.000 Greeks that occurred shortly before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and the great famine of Mount Lebanon that killed hundreds of thousands of Lebanese Christians.  IDC also calls on President Trump to demand the release of American Pastor Andrew Brunson and call for Turkish government reform to address Turkey’s mounting human rights violations.
What works in Turkey does not work in the United States. We will continue to fight for persecuted minorities in Turkey as well as across the entire region and we will not be intimidated or bullied into being silent.
The Turkish government should re-examine religious freedom and human rights within Turkey’s borders and join the free world in striving to uphold the values of tolerance, respect, and peace.
Please join us at our press conference tomorrow Friday May 18th, from 10:30 to 11:30 am at our offices located at the Hall of States building, 400 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 585, Washington D.C., 20001 for more on these developments.
Please RSVP to and bring a government ID with you.
We look forward to your presence and support, in the name of freedom of speech and freedom of the press!

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