Washington, DC – In Defense of Christians (IDC) applauds the maritime border agreement recently concluded between Israel and Lebanon, optimistic that it’s a first step toward an end to hostilities and, one day, diplomatic normalization.

On October 27th, 2022, Israel and Lebanon concluded an agreement, with the U.S. functioning as intermediary, demarcating the maritime border between the two Mediterranean states. This agreement resolves a dispute over offshore gas fields and establishes an “economic peace,” although the countries remain in a decades-long official state of war.

This agreement represents a historic milestone which serves to challenge and weaken Hezbollah’s hostile position and belligerent rhetoric. According to IDC Executive Director Richard Ghazal, “Hezbollah desires to maintain a perpetual state of war with Israel to secure its relevance as Lebanon’s supposed defender against the Jewish state.” Ghazal continued: “This agreement challenges this false narrative; and Hezbollah’s refusal to acknowledge that an agreement has occurred between the states is simply political theater.”

In light of this historic milestone, IDC remains committed to the protection and preservation of Christians and other religious minorities. “Christians throughout the region—including Lebanon—should have the unrestricted right to travel to the Holy Land,” said Andrew Doran, IDC President. “We’ll continue to advocate for the right of all Christians to visit the birthplace of their faith,” Doran added.

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