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IDC Internship Program- Spring 2017

Executive Director’s office–Government Relations – Media and Communications – Advocacy and Outreach-

In Defense of Christians (IDC) is a Washington DC based non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to heighten awareness among policymakers and the general public on the human rights and humanitarian crisis of persecuted Christian and other minority communities in the Middle East. Through grassroots advocacy, IDC hopes to influence the U.S. and foreign governments to adopt policies that will safeguard the human rights of minority religious communities in the Middle East, especially those vulnerable to violence, marginalization, and persecution. IDC also conducts and promotes projects of direct humanitarian aid for the needs of minority communities suffering or displaced by ongoing political and civil conflict in the region.

IDC is accepting applications for full or part-time unpaid student internships in its Washington DC office, with opportunities to work part of the time offsite.

An internship with IDC offers students an exciting opportunity to learn and grow professionally within a non-profit, mission driven organization, while gaining a better understanding of human and minority rights, grass roots advocacy, and the politics of the Middle East.

Student internship opportunities include placement in the following departments: executive director’s office, government relations, media and communications, and advocacy and outreach.

Preference is given to students with areas of study or experience in the Middle East, human rights, law or public policy, global development, communications, or event and community organizing.

Interested applicants should email a letter explaining their interest, background, and current employment or academic status along with a copy of their resume to In the subject line applicant should state the IDC department they are applying to.

PO Box 75061 – Washington, DC – 20013

(202) 351-6195