About Us

IDC fights for the protection of Christianity in the Middle East through four coordinated spheres of action:
Unity. Awareness. Advocacy. Aid.


IDC is an American-based 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure the protection and preservation of Christianity and Christian culture in the Middle East. IDC pursues a grassroots mobilization of the Diaspora communities around the world in unity with other concerned Christian communities and all people of good will toward this end. We work to foster global awareness of the on-going plight of Middle Eastern Christians, encourage political advocacy in order to educate national and international policy makers so as to act toward this goal, and promote programs of humanitarian aid in solidarity with suffering Christian communities in the Middle East.


IDC envisions a Middle East in which the human rights of every individual are protected and respected regardless of religious creed, and in which the ancient and diverse Christian communities of the Middle East can coexist and thrive peacefully in their native lands. IDC knows that the centuries old existence of Christianity in the Middle East serves as leaven in a complex and ever-changing region of the world. Christianity’s enduring presence in Middle Eastern societies is an agent of peace, development, diversity, and tolerance, bringing greater stability to the region and bridging cultural divides between the East and West.


Unity is a core principle of IDC’s action and pervades everything we do. The present and future situation of Christians and Christianity in the Middle East is an issue of grave concern not only for the varied Christian communities and traditions living in the region, but of their distinct brother and sisters communities throughout the world, the broader global Christian community, and anyone committed to the protection of human rights and the advancement of free and stable societies.


IDC’s awareness efforts are focused on heightening public consciousness of the plight of Christians in the Middle East. We do this primarily by bringing this message to television, radio, print, and social media outlets across a spectrum of cultures, and by fostering broader community awareness through ecumenical and community outreach to churches, institutions of educations, and other organizations sharing similar values.


The protection and preservation of Christianity in the Middle East cannot be realized without the commitment and cooperation of the international community. For that reason, while not endorsing particular political parties or candidates, IDC seeks to educate U.S. and foreign governments and international organizations so as to adopt policies that safeguard the equal rights of all citizens and the human rights of all people and empower and protect Christians and other minority communities in the Middle East vulnerable to violence, marginalization, and persecution. Click here to view IDC’s Policy Guidelines.


The Christian communities in the Middle East experiencing hardship or displacement due to political or religious persecution have immediate needs. In solidarity with these communities, IDC mobilizes Diaspora and other Christian communities to fund and supporting projects of humanitarian aid relief and cultural preservation. Through IDC’s Humanitarian Aid Fund, we provide swift financial assistance and material relief through on-going or ad hoc projects answering the communities most pressing needs. We do this primarily through programs executed by IDC chapters in the region, as well as in collaboration with our network of partner aid organizations.